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Strength is the Engine of all our Movement 

And the measure of our capacity for hard movement. Yet brute force alone doesn't make an athlete. High level mountain performance relies on well timed & coordinated strength, to execute sport-specific moves. The Samsara Bodyweight Program is an effort to integrate the athleticism of our sports, into the way that we strength train.

This program has been a decade in development. It represents my journey of research and refinement with input from movement specialists, coaches and athletes - from across the spectrum of sports.

The work encompassed in this program has transformed the way I move in the mountains.

I wish you the same.

NEW! Level 2 PLANK PROGRESSION: The Pivot Plank

This instructional video is designed to help you refine the movement pattern of one of the most valuable and most challenging moves in the Level 2 Workout: The Pivot Plank

TrainingBeta PODCAST:

Episode 95: Alpine Training with Minimal Equipment

This podcast gives an essential overview of strength training principles and how to apply these to training for rock climbing, backcountry skiing and trail running.


In the podcast Neely & I cover:

- How to balance strength & aerobic training

- Minimal equipment & home training

- Avoiding overtraining

- Specificity in training for mountain sports

TrainingBeta PODCAST:

Episode 142: Core Training for Climbers

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 6.27.08 PM.png

In this podcast we cover the philosophy of the Samsara Bodyweight Program, and how we adapt strength training the core - to the athletic demands of mountain sports.

In the podcast Neely & I cover:

- What is the purpose of a strong core in our target sports?

- The role of stability & coordination in core training?

- Why joint angle/muscle length matters in core training?