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We train athletes for human powered mountain pursuit. We focus on the sports that we know and train for - rock & alpine climbing, big mountain skiing and mountain running. Our training philosophy is the culmination of decades of training and testing, and our plans are 100% mountain focused. Each plan is custom built to meet the specific needs of the athlete, based on his/her goals, facilities and time frame.  

If you have goals in wild places, we are here to help you get there.


Our Gold Standard. Individualized strength and aerobic endurance programs for dedicated mountain athletes. We stay with you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Bodyweight Strength Program. 38 Movement Progressions. 100% guided video workouts. One time Purchase, lifetime access to the entire Media Library 

Phone Consultation on strength and aerobic training for mountain athletes. Ideal for the self-coached athlete looking to refine their own training program.


I am an adventure skier, climber and mountain guide, based in Jackson, Wyoming. From human powered ski adventure, to long alpine routes, and desperate redpoints, the mountains have given me the life I enjoy so much today. 


I started Samsara Mountain Training in 2015 to offer my clients an individualized approach to training for the vertical world. The mountains are a wild environment, and our performance in them is poorly understood. Sports like nordic skiing, competitive cycling and martial arts have long traditions, and training for these sports is based on volumes of scientific study, and methods backed by solid research and testing. My interest for over a decade has been the study of training methods and how they apply to the performance in the mountains.


My passion today is to help you reach your goals in the mountains, and to develop and refine a training plan based on time-tested research to enable you to get there. From difficult rock climbing to marathon alpine traverses, and epic backcountry ski missions each adventure has its own demands, and every training plan is custom built to help you achieve your goals and have more fun in the mountains. I look forward to working with you.