Delivered via App or Desktop platform your plan includes step by step guidance, and multi-media support. We stay with you throughout your training cycle.

We will be with you every step of the way. The Samsara Method is more than a set of workouts. It is a shared commitment to your goals. When your schedule changes, you fall behind, or get sick - we make sure your plan evolves with you.


We bring a research-driven approach to strength development, aerobic capacity and movement practice. Elite level mountain performance relies on a combination of all three.


Whether you are gunning for your first 5.12 rock climb or a ski descent of the Grand Teton

 the Samsara Method is purpose-built for vertical performance 

What Sets Us Apart

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Strength is a measure of how much force we can produce. Building a reservoir of strength makes all of our movements easier and more efficient. But brute force alone does not make an athlete. It is the combination of force, coordination and stability that enables elite level performance. Our time-tested strength training protocols are designed to transform the way you move in the mountains.
What sets extraordinary endurance athletes apart from everyone else? We believe the answer lies in speed and the ability to change gears. Energy System Development in the form of structured intervals, tempo work, and time trials are olympic level training ingredients that transform the body's ability to not just survive in the mission - but to thrive in the hardest moments.  
We develop aerobic and muscular endurance using sport-specific movement to improve your efficiency in the mountains. Endurance is an essential component of success, however too much high volume, low intensity training can deplete an athlete and produce limited results. We use a strategic approach to building endurance to achieve maximum benefit, while leaving time and space for other adaptations. 
We begin with a one-on-one phone consultation (included with your plan) to understand your goals and relevant life-factors of family, work and access to training facilities. We use this information to build a custom plan that reflects your schedule and goals. Within 5 business days of your phone consultation, we will deliver your plan via myPTHub an online training platform, together with access to custom online videos and a comprehensive training guide.
A follow up phone consultation will allow us to answer any questions regarding your plan and get you started on the right foot. You are responsible for logging your daily training activities - which we review weekly. Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) phone consultations are available at no cost, to enable you to ask questions, and for us to modify the plan as needed to ensure you are staying on target and achieving your goals.
Your plan will represent the steps between where you are today, and the goals you wish to achieve. We share your commitment to achieving your goals.

Rueben Krabbe Photo