My passion is to bring a modern understanding of strength and aerobic training to climbing, big mountain skiing and trail running.

For too long - mountain athletes have followed the maxim "if its hard, it must be effective." The reality is that there is an ocean of difference between what is hard, and what is effective.

The Samsara Method reflects my passion to bring a modern undertanding of training to the community of Mountain Athletes. 

Rock Climbing, Alpine Climbing and Big Mountain Riding are movement sports - where excellence relies on an intimate connection between the brain and body. We rely on coordination, balance, and stability - as much as we rely on strength and endurance.

Fred Marmsater Photo. Liberty Ridge. Mt Rainier

1hr Private Phone Consultations are ideal for the self coached mountain athlete - who are seeking guidance into how to shape their own training. Athletes should have a prior history of training, be highly self-motivated and have access to some uphill terrain (for aerobic athletes). Reach out to me directly via the form below, to set up a call.

All consultation Clients get full access to the entire Video & Training Guide Library of custom content under 'Private Coaching Resources.'

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1 hour Phone or Skype Call


Payment made at the time of the booking. Can be cancelled upto 48hr before the call.

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